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Interested in a Guardianship?

Guardianship is only available for those within Fresno and Madera County

What is a guardianship?

A guardian is a person (or people) who agree to raise and care for a breeder’s dog as a loved family pet for the duration of its breeding career. This is a great way to bring a new pet into your family without the cost of purchasing one. 


Guardians do not fully own the dogs in their care. The dog still belongs to the breeder during an active contract. Guardians take care of the day to day, basically keeping the dog in good health and condition. Keeping up to date on their vaccinations, giving lots of love, basic training, etc. Essentially being a good dog owner!

The breakdown


Once a female is 2 years of age, the breeder will pick up the female and take her to the vet for a day trip. There she will get all her needed testing to make sure she is of fit health to breed. On her next heat cycle, she will be bred. You will notify the breeder when she bleeds and the breeder will arrange a day to pick her up to be bred. She will be shortly returned to you after a trip to the vet. Afterwards you get to watch the miracle of pregnancy as you watch her for approximately 9 weeks. A few days before she is due to give birth, the breeder will pick her up and she will be brought to the breeders home for birth. There she will stay with her puppies and you will get daily updates on her well being. She will stay with her puppies up to 8 weeks. You are welcomed to visit her and play with the puppies during planned visits. This is a great opportunity! All the fun of having a litter, without the work!


After each litter she will be evaluated on whether she is of good health to continue breeding. Females are under contract for 1-4 litters. When the female is retired, the contract will close and full transfer of ownership will be given to the guardian. As well as the special opportunity to receive a free puppy from her last litter as a thank you for joining our guardianship program'-

  • You can plan your vacations around the times she'll be with her breeder. Free dog boarding!

  • The experience of having a litter of puppies, without the responsibility of cleaning up after them!

  • New free puppy at the end of the contract




Guardian homes for males are a little simpler. Males never have to stay with the breeder for an extended stay, however the contract for males are longer. Males are under contract to be available to breed from 2-6 years of age. However, the breeder may decide to retire the male at any point within that period. Males must be available for day trips to the vet and will be returned shortly afterwards. 

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