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How We Raise Our Puppies

As breeders we take great pride and joy in raising our puppies. We only want to do what's best for our pups so that they are successful in their new lives with you. By handling and teaching them what they'll be experiencing in their new lives, we hope we can give your puppy the best "paw" forward. 

Early Stimulation

We know how important early stimulation can be for a puppy. So we rub and pet each puppy everyday. Whether it be in between the toes or twirling their tail and ears, every puppy loves their personal massage. But it's more than a message. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) begins on day 3 and continues through day 16. Benefits include greater tolerance to stress, stronger heart rate and stronger heartbeat.



As the puppies grow they go through various stages of learning. We teach them exercises to “bounce back” from life challenges.

Different surfaces and sounds are introduced, to help puppies become adaptive to change.

These problem solving games help puppies learn to handle life’s frustrations and how to overcome. Be it loud televisions, vacuums or baths we strive to make sure they have as many experiences as possible when they are in our care.


Potty Training

We definitely like to establish potty training as early as possible.

We designate specific potty areas so puppies can start learning about keeping a clean environment.

Puppies will most likely not be completely potty trained when they get to your home, but they will have started the building blocks of learning how.  


Water Fun!

We like to make sure our labs get a fun introduction to water.

Weather permitting, all our pups will get fun outside pool time or warm bath play indoors.



We'll try our best to keep you updated with new pictures as your pup grows. Including specially themed photoshoots and everyday funny videos. Make sure to follow us on Instagram

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